Saturday, August 7, 2010

More about Imagi's Gatchaman Teaser Video

It appears Imagi Studios is fishing for sponsors for their Gatchaman movie again. They've added a second teaser film to their web site here. Notice the difference in uniforms/armor between the two teasers; each teaser was done at a separate stage. Both of them bear a more than passing resemblance to the NTT Gatchaman campaign commercials done in 2000: here and here

In another interesting tidbit, 411mania offered the following as part of their interview with Dave Wilkins (of Splatterhouse game fame):

Jeffrey Harris: You did concept art for the new feature Gatchaman movie. Recently a new trailer came online for the movie. Have you seen this new trailer yet?

Dave Wilkins: I've seen the trailer.

Jeffrey Harris: So . . . is this movie actually going to come out? What is going on?

Dave Wilkins: It's been up and down. I'm not really sure. I really hope it does because a lot of super talented guys worked on it . . . great, great guys put a lot of great work in there and just being a Gatchaman fan I hope it does.

Jeffrey Harris: When you were conceptualizing those characters, was your vision of Berg Katse the Berg Katse?

Dave Wilkins: Yeah and that's exactly what we called him. It wasn't Galactor. It was the original.

Jeffrey Harris: So was it going to be the transsexual, gender-bending Katse? In the original animation he was both a man and a woman.

Dave Wilkins: Right. He was pretty hardcore. In my version, he's more monstrous and alien than anything. But I don't know how he ended up.

Read the entire interview here.