Friday, December 21, 2007

Some link updates and a request

If you want to buy Gatchaman Kewpie merchandise, these links allow you to shop in English:

"Jun's Joint" is a friendly little fansite for screenshots, animations and fanfic. Stop by and take a look:

A new BotP/Gatchaman fansite: You'll find screen shots, desktops and screen savers, too.

One of the major Gatchaman sites, Transmute! Gatchaman, BotP and G-Force, has moved to The webmistress has overhauled the site as well.

Which reminds me, I keep saying I'm going to renovate "Home of the White Shadow." Maybe this will be the kick in the pants that gets me going. To anyone out there who's a web wizard, would there be any way to link a feed from this blog into a window on the title page? I'd love to integrate the two. is undergoing some tweaks and updates, both to recover from a hacking attempt and to integrate a new fanart section. If you like fan work, this is the site to visit.

And now, the request: If you send me email, please refer to Gatchaman in the title of your mail. This makes it easier for me to find it amidst the spam. I answer all my mail, so if you haven't heard from me, drop me a line.


felixip said...

new interview on Gatchman Movie at IESB:

Carolyn said...

Thanks for helping me spread the word on my site update & address change!!!

Yep, there are ways to embed your RSS feed right into the front page of your site. You can burn your blogger feed ( or do a straight embed ( .

Blogger has widgets that let you embed in your BLOGGER page, but not so much to help you embed your Blog in a webpage. So you add Feedburner, which lets you use SpringWidgets as well as encouraging visitors to subscribe via whichever reader they prefer. You can see how it looks by default on my Archetype Feedburner page (see the box in the upper right-hand corner):

If you've never burned a feed before, Feedburner just is a (free!!) service to run through that gives you added's your digital PR manager. I create my Archetype feed by hand and maintain it locally, but burning it gives both me and subscribers more options.

If that doesn't make sense or I can help you cut corners by explaining better or whatever, just e me.

You can also put a bit of code at the bottom of your webpage (it's invisible on the page) that allows people who know what to look for to subscribe to your feed from any page on your site. If you go to my front page: you can see the feed information on the left-hand side under the menu choices, but if you look at the URL bar in Firefox, you can see a little orange RSS that you can click on to subscribe. (On IE 7, you have to click the always-there RSS icon on the right-hand side above the page window; Firefox's only shows up if there IS a feed.) IE 6 and below can't handle feeds without a reader.

Hope that helps!

Carolyn said...

I guinea-pigged it for you. I did the things I described and ended up with:

Let me know if you want a walkthrough via IM or something. It turned out really cool with the SpringWidget, I'm excited! :D

Wendy said...

Thanks, Carolyn! Looks good! Now to see if I have the skillz to wrestle it onto the main page.