Saturday, March 29, 2008

Imagi launches marketing department

I was just commenting to a friend that we haven't heard any news on the upcoming Gatchaman movie at all. Is it being shelved? In this case, no news is not really good news.

This latest news release from Active Anime says that Imagi has just set up a full marketing department for its features, which will include Gatchaman and Astro Boy in 2009. The term, "slated for worldwide distribution," however, has me wondering if these features will be relegated to video instead of theatrical release.

The news article is here:


Anonymous said...

Hey whats really gonna make you mad is that rumor has it that Kevin Munroe is not doing the film anymore.. he dropped it for some French horror comic flick...

goto felix Ip's blogspot to get the info (read the latest comments)

Wendy said...

Yeah, I saw that, but I was a bit behind on my updates. I've fixed that now. Thanks for the note!