Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Gatchaman Movie Changes...

There was new mention of the Imagi Gatchaman movie from insider Charlie's Blog.

An excerpt:

"The original vision for the film was fun and a bit edgy---appealed to me. The project's been through lots of changes, rewrites (like any film), ended up with a different director recently. The vision's changed since I first joined, and seems to be going towards a younger Power Rangers audience---I wanted to see a Gatchaman that I would love to see, and didn't want to see it go this direction, so I departed from Imagi and took an Art Directing/Character Designing gig on Thundercats."

Now, looking back at the writing on the Battle of the Planets comic, the word "edgy" does not necessarily indicate a good thing. Nor does "Power Rangers audience" indicate a bad thing. I don't think Imagi's TMNT had been especially edgy and had maintained the general feel of the original comic. So again, this may not be horrible, awful news.

On the other hand, I really liked the preliminaries I had the opportunity to see at Imagi, and I liked the direction it was going under Kevin Munroe. I can't help but feel apprehensive about the replanning.

Read the entire posting: here

Thanks, Anonymous, for the link.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but, well, if you think about it, there is just not enough of an adult audience (in American and western cultures) for all-animated films to hit really big unless they appeal to all ages of kids meaning young kids too. So maybe this was a marketing descision by the studio and Kevin didn't want to compromise or something so he left.

Anonymous said...

It's well known in the animation industry that June Falkenstein is now directing Gatchaman.

Wendy said...

Just confirmed that. Thanks! I appreciate all the tips!

Anonymous said...

Just heard that June had some creative differences.