Thursday, August 7, 2008

Imagi Updates

Felix Ip, the Art/Creative Director at Imagi, has some very interesting images posted on his blog. Screenshots 01 features renders that weren't available at the time the trailer was run at Comic Con. Screenshots 02 features images from the trailer. According to the blog, character designs were modified after the trailer.

Gatchaman Screenshots 01

Gatchaman Screenshots 02

Also, from the comments, I would not expect Imagi's Gatchaman film to release until 2010. From the looks of their promotion, Astro Boy is definitely showing first.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There has been a lot of fan feedback on Felix Ip's site, and he appears to be listening. Go express your opinion.

Also on, here are the newest pics of the logo and the team, taken from an Imagi sell sheet for the Gatchaman licensing company. The logo I saw at Comic Con. The team I didn't.


Mary said...

Joe just looks creepy, but I like the uniforms.

jolar70 said...

mmmm. Kind of mixed. I guess I should start by stating that I'm generally more a fan of drawn animation than computer, but I'm open to trying anything.

Before seeing these I had read someone's comment that the new uniforms looked like a cross between the originals and the OAV's, and I think that's a really good description. But I'm not so down with the body armor, which just makes them look bulkier. It seems like a live-action approach to making superheroes look less like they are wearing underwear in public(!), but Gatchaman should always be sleek, not ladened with armor. Having said that, Ken and Joe look best. Jun's hard to really see. Ryu looks powerful, but Jinpei looks kind of like a cheap, made in Taiwan, knock-off toy, the kind where they change just enough detail to avoid litigation! Those boots have to go! And bring back his Swallow's Tail cape.

Ultimately, I really love the helmets, and the designs are respectful and really well thought out adaptations, maybe just a little too busy for my taste. For some reason, I'm just not as excited by them as when I first saw the slightly freakier designs for the OAV, where Ken and Joe actually looked fearsome for the first time. I have lots of problems with the OAV but the costumes weren't one of them.

So much is made of Katse's gender confusion but one thing that makes Gatchaman so unique is the almost unisex style that pervades their entire universe, from Galactor to Red Impulse. I remember watching an episode where Joe is in pursuit of Katse and I had a moment of seeing it anew, as I watched two mortal enemies, in high-heeled, thigh-high boots and capes, chase each other down in deadly combat. THAT is Gatchaman! No matter how much Tatsunoko had hoped to fashion their creation on American comic books, it was hopelessly original and Japanese in flavor! I can only hope that Imagi Entertainment can reach some of that flavor.

Wendy said...

I'm not sure if this is a finalized design, but I don't think it is.