Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick Gatchaman teaser at Imagi's site

Imagi has put up a very brief teaser video featuring a little action with Joe's car and our first view of the Godphoenix. The Imagi site also has a collection of still shots from the video, some of which you may have seen on Felix Ip's blog here and here. Check 'em out.

Imagi's site: link


Anonymous said...

Is this teaser from Kevin Monroe's version of Gatchaman?

Wendy said...

No, the teaser is not from Kevin Munroe's version, to the best of my knowledge. Munroe left the project quite a while ago, and this teaser doesn't fit the description of the teaser that ran while he was still working for Imagi.

Anonymous said...

The trailer and all the images that have been shown so far came from Monroes version. the 1st trailer was an early test only. there was a full script, designs and leica reel of his movie when he left.