Monday, April 13, 2009

New Gatchaman T-shirt Designs from Uniqlo

Japanese clothing manufacturer Uniqlo has released the first of at least two Gatchaman T-shirt designs. The first one, featuring clips of the characters' faces, is here: The second design, due out by the end of this month, will be white with a small bird head symbol over the left breast. Both shirts will cost 1,500 yen each.

The site, of course, is in Japanese, and Uniqlo doesn't do overseas mail orders. However you may be able to order through

There's even a video commercial for the latest line of shirts, including the Gatchaman design:

Many thanks to Tatsunokofan for the information!


Soupdragon said...

I live in Hong Kong and I saw a bloke at the pedestrian crossing tonight wearing a white t-shirt with silhouettes of the entire team on the back. The front was blank with only a small red G top left.
I'm paying a visit to Uniqlo in the Tai Koo Shing shopping centre tomorrow to see if they have them... If not, I REALLY want to know where he got it...

teck-zilla said...

I got the black tee with the members faces overlapping each other.Can't seem to find any other design at UNIQLO

teck-zilla said...

I can take a pic of the shirt I got from Uniqlo and post it up if you wanna.I also know another dude in the US who makes customized Gatchaman Anniversary Tees- Got 2 from him!