Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zero Da, Zero Da, Zero Da! JT Uses the Gatchaman Theme to Promote Coffee

The Gatchaman theme song is being used to advertise a new coffee drink, the JT "Roots Triple Free" (triple meaning 0 calories, 0 fat and 0 sugar). The lyrics have been tweaked to promote the song ("Zero da" instead of "Dare da"), though you can see the original lyrics posted beneath the commercial version. They've also riffed off the Gatchaman title type. The commercial features a comedy group called The Neptunes and the song is sung by singer/songwriter Sunplaza Nakano*.

You can see the commercial in its entirety on the Roots Triple Free Web site. The shorter TV version is here.

Thanks, Tatsunokofan!

* Sunplaza Nakano = Nakano Sun Plaza, a large mall in Tokyo that's the home of Mandarake, the ultimate anime/manga otaku mecca and a great place to shop for Gatchaman stuff.

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