Wednesday, August 22, 2007

30th Anniversary in Taiwan: Corrections

August 2, 2007: One week prior to the opening of Comic Con, I received a phone call from friends offering me round-trip tickets to San Diego. So I made it to Comic Con this year! (Woohoo!!!) Sincere thanks to Tatsunokofan and Barrdwng!

I need to make some corrections and give credit where credit is due regarding the Taiwan Gatchaman 30th anniversary celebration mentioned earlier (Gatchaman premiered in 1977 in Taiwan). An extremely dedicated fan with the handle "Kena" arranged the Gatchaman anniversary event at the Ya Gallery in Kaohsiung. Preparation for the event took her seven months. Kena contacted fans from Japan, Korea, the Philippines and the United States, and these fans contributed the art and merchandise for the displays (plenty of cool stuff in there, with a lot of merchandise I'd never seen before). The event drew over 9,378 attendees and strong media coverage during its opening weekend. Here are more links to news reports on YouTube and other sources:

Gatchaman 30th Anniversary in Taiwan: tw/kcc20051225/
Gatchaman News, ERA-N, TTV: com/watch? v=IVpKuAQcpLI
Gatchaman, BotP, TVBS, SETN News: com/watch? v=KKO18VQUFB0
Gatchaman, BotP, ETTV News, Kena: v=jn17erV00gE
Gatchaman News, FTV: com/watch? v=YB54XKBNuK8
Children's Gatchaman cosplay: com/watch? v=BIwc3bPZTCI and com/watch? v=DPE4oGBVzNg
Video coverage of some of the treasures at the exhibit: com/watch? v=D8SbuCjtrMs
"Gatchaman" - Kena TVBS: com/watch? v=L8SoObCbz9g
"Gatchaman" - Kena: com/watch? v=MIjQx99Txtc
Gatchaman CTV Set:
Gatchaman 30th Anniversary in Taiwan blog: http://blog. kena/gatchaman

Thanks, Kena!

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