Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gatchaman Soundtracks/"Knocked Up"

February 9, 2007: Some sightings and news tidbits:

Gatchaman II and Fighter soundtracks to be commercially released: What makes this particularly newsworthy is that, while the opening/closing and image songs from those series have been released in years past, the actual soundtracks have not. This should be of particular interest to collectors and to fans of Gatchaman II and F.

The two "Tatsunoko Music Museum" CDs (one for each series) will be released April 4th, 2007 by Sony Music Entertainment' s Be Smile label. I don't have any information on how many tracks or what extras will be included, but I've been told the collections will be very thorough.

Gatchaman II Original Soundtrack (BSCH-30055): 2,800 yen
Gatchaman Fighter Original Soundtrack (BSCH-30056): 2,800 yen

The CDs are available for preorder through Amazon Japan and CD Japan, among others. Shipping restrictions apply.

G-Force sightings: Outside of Amano's work, it can happen! Here are three sightings of our teenagers in bird suits in the general public:

Actor Seth Rogan wears a homemade G-Force t-shirt in the trailer for the film, "Knocked Up": (Thanks, Michael!)

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