Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Imagi offers peeks at preliminary art

Imagi concept art of Utoland includes shot of Ken, Joe and maybe Ryu and JinpeiJune 15, 2007: Ain't It Cool News just posted some new concept art from Imagi at, as well as the logo. It looks like Imagi's going all Blade Runner with the Utoland city designs, and I like the ad sneaked in for Sapporo Beer (my favorite!). There's even some concept art of Ken, Joe and I think Ryu and Jinpei (in the back). Looks like they're keeping the numbered t-shirts, and I hope they go with the longer hair (such a trademark of '70s Gatchaman). I'm not nuts about Joe smoking (the whole trained athlete thing, it gives me flashbacks of choking in Tokyo's ever-present cigarette smoke, and only the villains smoked in Gatchaman). I know a lot of fans see him with the feather shuriken in his mouth and figure a cigarette is the next best thing. But that's me being the picky old-school fan.

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