Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Followup: French release of '78 Feature Film

I just received more details about the Dybex French release of the 1978 Gatchaman feature film:

"First of all, yes, it does come with both a Japanese and a French language track, as well as a French and a Dutch subtitle track. I ordered the 2-disc Prestige Edition, with the movie on the first disc, and the bonus material on the second. I assume the standard edition simply has the disc with the movie.

"The bonus material is duplicated from the Japanese movie DVD release from last year, with the addition of optional French subtitles. Apparently the Dutch are out of luck there, since there are no Dutch subtitles on the bonus goodies. There is one added bonus goodie, a 6 and a half minute 'Making of the French Version' video, showing the actors for Joe, Jun, and Jinpei dubbing their lines and featuring interviews with the actors for Joe and Jinpei, as well as with the Producer for the dub. This new video has no subtitle options.

"The additional bonus items in the package include 5 postcards featuring familiar images (Three publicity shots, the cover to the movie program, and the Ippei Kuri artwork done for the DVD release) and a reprint of the movie program (As was also included in the Japanese release). The program reprint has been translated into French and rearranged so that the pages are in a left-to-right order instead of the Japanese right-to-left. They also added three original articles; 'The Origins,' giving a history of Gatchaman, 'The American Massacre and the Diffusion in Europe,' talking about the creation of Battle of the Planets and it's distribution across Europe, and 'The Film,' which covers the death of Tatsuo Yoshida just as the Anime Boom began with the release of the first 'Space Cruiser Yamato' film and the work that went into creating the film itself.

All in all, not a bad package, especially for someone who knows French. I still might go back and buy the standard release, just because I like the packaging for that one a bit more than what was used for the deluxe release."

Thanks, Tatsunokofan!

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